Patient Testimonials

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ECU Football Coach Mike Houston






 "Dr. Duke is a great orthopedic Dr. and if I do have to get knee replacement I will only go to them.   He tries other things first before even thinking about surgery.   His staff is awesome and so friendly also."

"Dr. Perdue is amazing, great surgeon and a great guy, highly recommend him to anyone."

"Dr. Skalak works well with patients and is very thorough with medical diagnosis.   He also works well with older patients who live a healthy lifestyle and informs patients on how to stay healthy." 

"Dr. McGraw always takes the time to allow you to ask questions and is very thorough in explaining things to me."

"Dr Hasty is very polite and has a wonderful bedside manner.  I would recommend family or friends for services." 

"I really liked Dr Robinson. Thorough but didn’t drag the appointment out. I hate that. Some doctors just like to hear themselves talk.  She spoke clearly and in terms I understood." 

"Dr. Barsanti was on time and to the point. Very caring and helpful answered all my questions."



“I have had many questions prior to my surgeries.  I was apprehensive and waited a long time for my total knee replacement.    Several people I know all recommended Orthopaedics East.  When I met with the Physician/Surgeon and Physicians Assistant  I could tell they were patient, listened well, respected me as a person.    Orthopaedics East gave me back my quality of life after my total knee replacement.  Before my surgery, my knee caused me to limp severely, and look much older than I am.  It’s been 10 months since my surgery and I’m doing amazing.  I walk straight now and no limping.  My only disappointment is that I didn’t have the surgery sooner. “




"My name is Mike Marsh and I have owned my aviation company for many years.  Our family relocated to Eastern North Carolina in the year 2000. I have always been involved with sporting activities during my life which included running 10 to 15 miles per week for many years.  Around 2005 I had to schedule an appointment with Orthopaedics East due to increasing pain in my left knee. My doctor told me I had 50 thousand miles of a 40 thousand mile tread that included Bone Spurs, Bone on Bone, and Arthritis in my left knee. He has since replaced both of my knees and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Now a few years after my knee replacements I have mentioned to my doctor that I really believe I can get back into running.  I was very pleased that he allowed me to jog out to the mail box each morning and back to the house. 

The staff and the facilities at Orthopaedics East are nothing short of first class and without any reservations I would strongly recommend the doctors and the staff to help you with your Orthopaedic issues."


Mike Marsh


[Ann Konzem] She was going incredibly helpful and
more importantly informative
regarding the most favorable way to
work with long time arthritis. I am
taking her advice and am shoe
shopping. It was a great visit.-

- Linda Bunch


"I really like. her. She helped me a lot today. Shot in ankle gave me much needed relief-the brace helped also. Thank you Dr Robinson."

- Lucy Wynn

"[Owen Davis] Listened....and was very patient in explaining my pain and options to proceed."

- Naomi Ratliff

Dr Skalak CARES about his Patients and goes the extra mile to keep us healthier and with a better quality of life!

- Stephen Holmes

"[Charlie Kresho] Answered all my questions and was very invested in see I understood what was going to take place during my up coming surgery."

- Melanie Walters

Quick Fact

The risk of bone and joint injury can be reduced by exercising at least 30 minutes every day.